Thursday, March 13, 2008

Evan Sanders is Totally GAY!

Udahlah van, foto lu aja udah membuktikan kalo lo tuh SOO GAY! semakin lo berusaha ngeles lo ga gay, semakin lo dicela oleh seluruh komunitas HOMO di Indo. Kasian si 'AA' atuh, bagaimana perasaannya coba? HOMO kan juga manusia. Kok bisa2nya Mas Evan bilang foto itu cuman main2. Segokilnya Laki laki, never in a zillion years they would take such a [FULL OF LUST] picture. Evan, your 'bestmate' even gently hold your hand... while you comfortly lay your fingers on his flat abs. to make matters worse, you guys took the picture with your 'kolor' only. there is no indications that you guys are high. not even the slightest hints that you guys are uncomfortamble with each other. JUST COME CLEAN DUDE, you'll be more famous than ever, but in not soo positive kind of way. Bagi seseorang yang menyebarkan foto2 penuh kejujuran itu, YOU ROCK!

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